Fbx Export

Whenever I do an fbx export (from mocha 22 to blender) there is no data at all. The trackingpoints are there, also the camera but nothing moves. Any help or idea what’s going on would be super helpful.
(In AE the data works fine)

Hi, sorry i played with Blender briefly but know nothing of it really,
Is it poss that the tracking is there but just further down the timeline when the movements happen,

This vid isn’t Blender but explains it better…

Thanks taking the time for answering. The tracking starts at frame 4 so I guess no. I’ll check the vid, maybe there is something I miss. It’s a pity, there is no fluent workflow between these two programs (and the only blender add-on, which provides a workflow, doesn’t work anymore with the new blender version.)

Solves in general should just come in if the frame rate and frame offset match.
What version of Blender and which FBX version are you exporting?

Thanks for answering, I am using, Blender 3.2.1. Framerate and Offset are the same and unfortunatly I don´t know exactly what you mean with “wichh fbx version”, i use - within the export dialog - fbx.7.7.0 3D data. 6.1.0 is not supported by blender. And i didn´t try fbx for nuke.

Yep, that’s the one we’d expect you to use.

So it’s unclear why you’d not see a result. Does the blender project settings match the After Effects settings?

I have never tried to import fbx to after effects (I don’t know if this is possible, but I can search). So I use the same data to export to after effects, but I took the ae settings. The project settings within ae and blender are the same in relation to frame rate, aspect rate etc.

Sorry for the late reply Judith,

Honestly, I’m not sure what might be happening there. I’d need to see the project to explore it. Is that possible?