FCP ->MOCHA ->FCP workflow (cleanplates)

Ok,maybe it is a weird question.
I want to remove some object from a clip what I have in sequence.I chose to export
the clip from FCP to MOCHA as image sequence without any compression. In Mocha I did all steps what I needed to do (track,render,etc…) and all works ok. I imported the image
sequence created by Mocha ( Remove_ESLT1.tif,Remove_ESLT2.tif,etc…) into FCP to replace the clip with this image sequence. Will I lose image quality choosing this workflow?
by the way,this workflow what I did is the correct way or is there a better workflow to do
thank you

When you do a remove you will need to import footage at the resolution and compression you were working with in your editor/compositor to maintain the same quality.
In general, any task that requires rendering (Insert, Lens Undistortion, Remove and Stabilisation) will require you to import footage of the same quality as your expected final output.