FCP Mocha/shape

I need help.

I have Mocha for FCP and mocha shape…

What i want to do, is take a clip that has a product name i need to erase on a curved, cylindrical object. I would like to use the curved shape tracking data, to place on a matte, and then place a solid underneath to matte out the name. I do not want to simply “blur” it.

I tracked the curved object in Mocha just fine. I exported the tracking planar data. Which is of course, is simply a plane and not the curved matte information.

So i exported the shape xml. This exports the exact image i want to block out from the clip, but all it will let me know is add a filter to it…blur it, etc. But not replace it, or punch a hole in the clip so i can place a solid object behind to block it the words.

The OTHER thing, is it CRASHING constantly. I’m going crazy here. I have running Snow Leopard, latest, greatest FCP and boris filters. HELP ME PLEASE
I talked my boss into buying this, but it’s not helping me…and i’ve got deadlines appraoching fast and i’ve spent a week trying to figure out the damn software.

AND YES i’ve gone through all of your online tutorials a gazillion times.