Feather handle problem


I run into this problem with hair strabd shapes that have a lot of keyframe changes for accommodating rotating away and then towards the camera. When I try to feather the end point to zero (to make just a point), the feather handle will overshoot squeezing it to zero and I’ll even notice that even when doing a MultiFrame “squeeze to zero” there might be a few keyframes that actually when crazy and actually widened, like in the example video link. My only workarounds have been to delete the keyframe completely and then re-set the keyframe, or preferably squeeze the feather handles on the offending frame/s, which usually works right away, but then there’s frames like this where I have to keep trying to squeeze it from different angles in order to get the endpoint to zero. Thanks for any helps on this :slight_smile:

Feather handle problem video

This sounds like something that needs to be addressed by @marco so I will tag him.

Much appreciated :slight_smile: