Feather not working in mocha pro

hi. im having a problem with the feather feature not working. see video for the problem. thanks

You need to use the mask to get the feather. Select the mask you want in the drop-down layer and use the “use masks” checkbox.

thanks mary. where is the dropdown layer? inside mocha program or inside after effects? and where is the mask checkbox?

and is there a mask tool that i use to draw the mask? before i was using the x spline tool to mask out an area. is that the method still?

It’s right inside the insert module.

The x-spline is your mask.

thanks mary. yes that worked! also how can I add a color change effect to the inserted layer only. I want the color change effect to only change the inserted layer and not the layer that was tracked. im working in after effects.

In the Mocha Pro plugin interface in AE, when you render to the timeline, render the insert cutout instead of the composite. You may need to duplicate it and use the top layer as an alpha masking track matte layer in AE.

thanks that worked. but when changed it to “insert cut out” it removed the feathered mask. i still see the feather when i go into mocha program but its not showing in after effects.strong text

You can apply the mask in the same plugin interface.

could you view this video to see what my issue is. thanks

Matte - Apply Matte

You can apply the matte where Gid showed you as well, though this is something @martinb should know about as it should render with the mask if you have that set up. Either way, as I said, you can use the mask as a track matte in AE OR you can apply the matte in the plugin interface.

Insert:Cutout is specifically designed to ONLY render the surface content, with no other masks or blending.
The reason for this is to allow you to apply separate rendered or native masks or blends in the target application.
It’s sort of a legacy of the original Insert module where artists would get the Insert and the matte as separate renders to be able to composite them together.

I’ve written a specific feature request to be able to render cutouts with the masking applied, but using “Apply matte” or “Create AE Masks” is the intended workflow for this render format.