Feature Request: A button to instantly center the timeline window to the frame where the cursor is


It would be great to just have a button/command to automatically center the timeline window to whatever frame I’m currently clicked on.

I find that this situation pop up a lot, especially with longer timelines, that I have to spend a few seconds over and over again, manually centering the timeline window to the frames I need to edit. I can quickly click move the cursor in the time bar below the Video window, but then I have to cautiously scroll through the timeline, so I don’t missed the frame I’m trying to get to, until I’ve manually matched up with the frame my cursor is on.

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

Hi, place your cursor on the frame you want then click here on the Timeline

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Thanks for the reply. I can’t tell though, where exactly are you clicking on the side?

On the black bit at the top of the timeline tree, where the red arrow is pointing to.

I click in the black area, but the timeline does not center on the CURRENT frame, it seems like nothing happens actually when I try it. I’m doing this in the AE version of Silhouette, not sure if that matters. Thanks for any more help on this

@persyst It is working for me in both the Standalone and plug-in. Can you send a video of what you are doing? Something may stick out as to what is going wrong. Thanks.