Feature request: Add liquify warp to Mocha

So that we can make more realistic warp manually when using Power Mesh.

Have you used the Grid Warp in Mocha Pro 2022?

Yes, I tried, but Grid points are not always generated where I want to move, but with Liquify Warp I can Warp at any Point of the picture. So a Liquify Warp is really necessary for Mocha Pro.

What does “liquify warp” mean to you as a feature request? Can you be more detailed? We can let @martinb know about your request but we need to know what you mean exactly.

Here is some explanation about liquify warp. At 03:48 Puppet Warp vs Liquify Filter - Photoshop CC 2020 - YouTube
It can warp any point compared with grid warp.

I understand Liquefy in Photoshop, I thought there was a video filter you were talking about. Translating that well to video is another issue entirely. Just add more subdivisions to the grid warp when you need more detail and less when you need grander movements? We usually need to retain the ability to manipulate the warp over time for visual effects.

That being said, maybe there is a feature request in grid warp placement and more localized subdivisions OR with some sort of puppet points. Not so sure we are set up for paint stroke warping like a liquefy though. Let me loop in @martinb for the feature request.

It would be great if Grid Warp allows us to hold down any place of picture to warp (not just grid points)!