Feature Request: add the ability to disable splines


when using multiple splines on a tracking layer and some of the splines are needed to move maybe to come back later on, you are left with a choice: move them out of the way, delete them and create them later again, or deactivate all the points.

disabling a track from a layer and deactivate points are already features in mocha, I think disabling splines (via kf of course) would also be useful in situations where you want to keep the spline on a multi splines layer but not have it track and not have to resort to the workarounds.

would appreciate the thoughts of the Mocha Team. thanks.

I usually just move the spline either offscreen or to the new section I want to track. Disabling points might not carry to all exports if you ever want to export the shape, so it’s the cleanest way to handle this issue in my experience.

Thanks Mary. the spline section did not move but got obscured so I wanted for it to be in the same place but not to track for a while as I had another spline doing that. I used a track matte but still I think a deactivate spline feature would be very handy to time your splines if there is something obscuring, or simply you wish to not have splines go off screen. if there’s a place where feature requests go, I’d like to put my vote in there. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to do that on the same layer, simply stack the occluding layer above the other in the layer pile and trim it in the timeline to the section you need it for. All layers in the top of the layer pile hold out from the ones below.