Feature Request - Blend mode named "Track" or "Transparent"

It would be VERY HELPFUL to have a “Transparent” or “Track” shape blend mode so that you don’t have to remember to turn off track shapes if they are not the actual roto being used in the final composite.

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

Maybe appending Track to the shape will help you keep tabs on that shape. Typically, tracking is done up front and as part of your workflow, turn off tracking specific shapes when you are done tracking.

I’ve gone back and made sure all the track shapes have the word “track” in it, but even so, it’s still a manual process to double click a shape name and then type in “track” over and over, in addition to human error if you don’t make 100% sure that you’ve turned off every single “track only” shape.

A Blend mode drop down option drop for “Transparent” like in Mocha would eliminate the potential for error if a “track only” shape on shape is left on accidentally.

I hope this option will be considered. Thanks.

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