Feature Request : Borrow features from Effekseer


We can learn a lot from Effekseer.

For example :
Create circular particles: 06. Let's create circular particles! — Effekseer Help ドキュメント 06_scroll

Parent-child relationships: 07. Let's move complicated with parent-child relationships! — Effekseer Help ドキュメント 07_effect1_rotate2

Ribbon and Track: 10.Ribbon and Track — Effekseer Help ドキュメント effect1_2

Use 3D model: 11. Let's use 3D model!! — Effekseer Help ドキュメント effect3

Distort particle background: 13. Let's distort a background! — Effekseer Help ドキュメント effect2

Particle material: 01. The Introduction of Material — Effekseer Help ドキュメント 36020211026101439222

I’m not a programmer, but as a user of PI from back in the early 2000s from v.3x on, my sense is that PI has variations of all of these to one degree or another within the many parameters available in the emitter controls. And while I haven’t looked into the new BCC 2022 PI’s Fluid Dynamics, it looks very sophisticated and customizable.

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