Feature Request Color Match From MCBeth Color Ckecker

Add Color Correction From McBeth Color Chart.
Plugin can use Mocha to mask than Color Correct from Chart :slight_smile:

Is it an auto-match color correction based on a selected color patch (from the McBeth chart) that youโ€™re looking for?

Yes McBeth Patches Like Resolve Has with the overlay. Vegas Has None do not know about Adobe. Xrite ,Data Color ,And Camera Tracks All have Charts By Patches. Patches Are 8 Bit Values can Be converted to HDR 10 or more :slight_smile:

Mocha Could Track the Patches While Continuum or Sapphire does the auto match.
Using Mocha Pro it can track the patch Tracking And Sapphire or Continuum Do the Correction as well.

Resolve Sample Gama can bet from Luts and Color Space as Well.

Any Work On AutoMatch From McBeth Patches ?