Feature Request - Command to "Apply last shape point adjustments to current frame"


I run into this a lot where I want to manually move some shape points in one frame and then apply that same move to only a few frames left or right of the frame. Many time it’s hard to tell how many frames exactly are needed to the left or right, and if I included too many frames in the MultiFrame selection, I have to UNDO the adjustments, and then adjust my MultiFrame start/end frame, but to save time on these smaller changes, I’ll end up manually matching the adjustment on the few frames needed, as I see which frames would benefit from the adjustment.

It would be great if there was just a “Repeat last adjustment” where I could go one frame at a time to repeat that adjustment on a frame-by-frame basis. Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

OK, we can let @marco know about this feature request.

Awesome thank you!!