Feature Request - Delete key frame data for selected points ONLY


I often run into situations where an in between frame, frame B for example, lying somewhere between frame A and frame C, may require tweaking after performing a weighted keyframe at frame B, specifically because while the weighted keyframing moves most points to the “best” location, it ends up moving other points that actually were in the “best” position at the frame B frame, before creating a weighted keyframe, so I then have to manually move those few points back to where they would have been without running the weighted keyframe or some manual adjustment.

Currently the only workaround I know of, to revert just those points “exactly” is to:

  1. Duplicate a shape before running the weighted keyframe
  2. Run the weighted keyframe on the original shape
  3. Use the duplicate shape as a reference to move the few points on the weighted shape back to closely match the position of the duplicated non-weighted shape,
  4. Delete the duplicate.

To resolve this, I think it would be very helpful to be able to select a group of points and delete the weighted or manually created keyframe data, for those points only, so that the selected points would just revert back to whatever x,y position they would have been at without ever touching those points.

Thanks for the consideration!!:slight_smile:

Thank you, we will let @marco know about your feature request.

Thanks Mary!