Feature Request: easily switch licenses from one machine to the next

this is not a problem of any kind but more of a feature request for the BorisFX Team. It would be great if we could use our licenses on more than one computer like an additional laptop. For that it would be great to easily switch so licenses from one machine to the next. I can use Adobe Products on 2 machines and I’m able to easily release my Maxon license if I need to work on another machine with just a simple dialog so I think it should also be possible for Boris to do the same. This would probably help a lot of small shops and solo-artists out there like myself. I don’t want to work on 2 machines simultanously but rather have he option to do some jobs on my laptop if needed. Sure I could use MochaAE for that but I like the Pro version a lot more as I find it a lt faster.
Maybe this could be added in a future version.

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It’s already there. Download and install the BorisFX Application Manager onto the computers on which your BorisFX products are installed. In the App, you have the option of activating and then de-activating so that you can then activate on another computer.

This assumes that you are using a recent BorisFX product - which seems to be the case - not a legacy product like Red or Graffiti.

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That’s great. Didn’t know that ::
Do you have to release it first on the current computer or is it possible from within the 2nd one by just activating it?

Thank for your help dexcon

You should be able to deactivate it remotely and reactivate the same way. But please let us know if you have any issues. You can find out more about the app manager here: Boris FX | App Manager

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That’s awsome. Thanks Mary. I will repport if I find any bug…

For some reason it won’t work on my end. If I try to activate the Mocha or Silhouette Plug in it says that the key is for another program but I only own those 2 programs and they worked on my workstation. From within After Effects or Fusion it isn’t possible because it says that the maximum amount is reached

You may need your key reset. Contact support here: Boris FX | Open a Case