Feature request for mask to splines and back workflow

examining the mocha<->ae workflow, I wish mocha splines<->Ae masks workflow had better integration so please consider these two features:

  1. copy pasting Ae masks to mocha splines. this way, one could create the masks in Ae then import them to mocha and not just vice versa (I know mocha import script can do this, but I wish this could be native)

  2. the “create Ae masks” in the mocha plugin could use “update Ae masks” feature. so if I do an update to my splines in mocha I would have an option to “update Ae masks” so it would update the current masks instead of creating new ones. this way I would maintain mask parameters (feather and such), and won’t have duplicates to delete.

Both of these are great ideas we can add to our list. We have discussed #1 already, but it’s good to be able to see users think the same. @martinb

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I have come across both of these situations a number of times and ended up redoing the splines ( wasting time) without thinking it could be a feature to avoid doing. It gets my vote.

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