Feature request - force aspect ratio of output box to match the source

This is something that slightly irks me every time I’m doing a track that I plan to use to create a stabilised precomp. If the output box (the blue box showing the corner pins) doesn’t match the aspect ratio of the source, then the resulting stabilised pre comp (generated using MochaImport+) will be stretched to a non-square pixel aspect ratio.

It would be amazing if there was an option for a user to go to a frame in the mocha timeline (ideally one where the output box looks as unwarped as possible) and have some kind of command or popup to allow you to match it as best as possible to the aspect ratio of the source clip (by either scaling width or height).


Hi, both Corner pin Studio Mocha & Mocha Pro have - right click on the blue Planer surface options


Thank you! I had no idea that existed. Great to know :slight_smile:

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