Feature Request - Generate tracking shape from an open spline

I don’t believe this exists, but please let me know if does.

It would be great to be able to draw an open spline along the center line of something like a hair strand, but then to have Silhouette generate a closed shape from the line, so that Mocha could track the closed shape, rather than having to draw the very skinny tracking shape, and then draw the hair open spline also.

On the front end it would be similar to how you can add stroke width, which gives you the roto coverage of a closed shape drawn at the same width, but instead, an actual close shape trackable object would be generated at a a user specific stroke width.

Thanks for the consideration!

Just link it to a different closed tracked shape. Usually a hair isn’t enough data to track.

Linking to another shape for tracking hair fine is fine, but with regards to drawing shapes that kind of look like a spline with width, it would save time being able to draw a single spline and have it be converted to a shape, just by clicking a button, since you would only need to draw half the amount of points, like shown in the screenshot.

I hope it gets some consideration. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, I see what you mean. Thank you for the feature request.

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Glad the mockup clarified it. Thanks again for considering!