Feature request: Guides

When using Optics as a Photoshop filter, I’d like the option to see my photoshop guides in the optics view window (I’m not seeing any guides in the optics program). I’ve tried to figure out a workaround to be able to do it, haven’t come up with anything. I think it would come in handy for precise placement of effects.

@user73 Hi, i created a grid for someone so they could use it as guides, it’s just a png created in CAD,
the image is 3840x2160, when created in CAD the grid was 100mm²,
The CAD image was 3840 mm wide & 2160mm high, the grid starts bottom left corner X/Y, so 38.4 squares across, 21.6 squares high,
There’s a black grid & a white grid, you can lay it on your project in Photoshop, adjust the opacity, change the colour of the white one & hide or delete as you wish, if you want to enlarge the grid, keep scale locked & drag from the top right corner so X/Y 0/0 stays in the bottom left corner.
it’ll look like this

Files are on Google Drive,

Hi, and thanks for that, but, I’m not sure that will work the way I need. I thought about creating my guides as lines on a layer in photoshop, but, the only way to get them to show in the Optics window is to have that layer highlighted when opening the filter. Then, when I add an effect, it’s on that lined layer. I tried adding a new layer for the effect in Optics, but when I apply the filter it’s only applied to the lined layer in Photoshop. Hmmmm…

Hi, Ah i see :+1: if you apply a mask to the layer you’re putting Optics on, does the mask show in Optics?

We can let @rosss and @marco know about this feature request.

Yeah, if I make my image in Photoshop, then add a mask to make the guidelines on, I can see the image and the mask in Optics, but, when I apply the filter, it does something weird to the mask and I can’t get rid of it. Oh well!

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:joy::+1: Worth a try, :+1:

@user73 and @Gid.Joiner we will log the feature request. Here are a couple of quick workarounds that might be useful to make your own “guides” in Optics.

Use an effect that has onscreen controls, but disable in the Optics layers. For example, here I have added the Light filter which has X/Y lines and scale. You can position it and include it in your Optics project but deactivate it which will hide the light effect but still allows you to see the user interface lines when editing the effect:

You could also choose a geometric pattern from the presets and then position and settings to your liking and then simply disable it before you render. Here is a preset: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tNv-HTvAtQQBzsJXRRL1gNAVFknHacpQ/view?usp=sharing