Feature request: Imported Matte Clip retains original sequence filename

Hi guys

I have a job where I’ve been applying several versions of a Matte Clip in preparation for a remove. I’ve slightly tweaked the matte a few times and then reimported and rendered a remove on a few frames to view the results.

I noticed once imported in, then at some point (maybe after closing and reopening file?) the name of the newly imported Matte Clip is changed to 'Matte for [layer name] [version number] if I click the ‘Matte Clip’ drop down menu.

I was wondering if there is a way to turn off this automatic renaming so that I can retain the matte’s original filename.

(You may already be able to do this and I haven’t figured out where to change the setting yet?)

Thank you!

Hi Gareth, is this in the standalone or the plugin?

Hi Martin

Standalone (2019)


I also noticed that yesterday. My Insert was “lastPic279” and it finally showed “lastPic” only. Standalone 2019 too…

I can reproduce this. It seems to revert back to the layer clip name. I’ll flag this as a defect.

Thanks Martin :-):grinning:

Glad to help, thx Martin.

PS : Just FYI, I just posted an answer - in a near remove topic - pointing to another easy to reproduce cache issue.