Feature Request - Keyboard shortcut to only show active/highlighted shape


I’m running into this problem where I’m drawing so many overlapping hair strands that it gets tough to follow the path of the hair strand I’m currently working on, adding adjustment keyframes to, so I’m constantly toggling the shapes on/off with ‘0’ on the keyboard. While this is extremely useful many times, I think it would be equally useful to have a keyboard shortcut to turn all shapes off except the active one, the one(s) I’m currently clicking on.

This “hide all except active” shortcut would also be especially helpful when trying to run an alpha or overlay playback of just one or a few shapes. Having so many shapes and so many layers, It can take a lot of time time to let Silhouette render all the shapes in the playback, even for 24 frames of playback, but it also takes a lot of time to manually turn off all the layers/shapes I don’t need in order to quickly get a realtime overlay/alpha playback.

Really really really would LOVE to have this option!!! Really!!

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

Did you say “really”? Didn’t quite get it? …… And yes, super idea.

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I am sure this could be done with scripting. @paul.miller would have to comment.

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