Feature Request - Layer/Shape Color Picker Default Position

It seems the Color Picker always reverts to the bottom left corner of the screen when closing and reopening Silhouette. Could this behavior be change to default to the center of the screen?

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

I assume you are on a Mac. If so, the position of the Color Picker is remembered when you click OK. Put the Color Picker in the center of the screen and click OK. It will then reopen in that position.

Hi Marco, yep I’m on a Mac. I tried it and it worked when closing and reopening Silhouette right after, but if I wait maybe like 5 minutes before reopening Silhouette, the Color Picker reverts to the bottom left corner, strange behavior. Please let me know if you can test this out.


It’s working fine on my machine.

Hi Marco,
Here’s a video (no sounds) of me showing that it does save the first time in the center location when reopened, but then waiting a minute later (the video will look like it’s paused but the video is still playing, so please watch to the end :slight_smile: ), the color picker has reverted back to the corner. Let me know what you think. I’m on OS 10.14.6 Mojave.


I am running 10.14.6 and can’t reproduce.

Wow this is strange, I’ll check if can replicate it on the older version of Silhouette I still have installed. I definitely don’t remember this happening, but I’ll see.

Hi, not any help i know but just thought i’d share -
in both the plug-in & standalone versions, it doesn’t matter where i put the colour picker & click ok it always opens centre screen. that’s suites me fine tho.

Appreciate, the feedback.

I just tried a second project in v2020.5.7, and it’s now retaining whatever new position I move the Color Picker too, after closing out the project and opening it up hours later. Strangely it’s now the same thing in v2021 for first and second projects I tried, so at this point it seems to be retaining the Color Picker position after I close and reopen.

Not sure what was happening before like shown in my video, but if anything changes again I’ll follow up.