Feature request like smart vector

Hey Team,

I would really love to see some workflow/tools just similar to smart vector in silhouette. Then its super amazing to paint any tasks with ease.

Just a random thought came into mind!


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Yes, paint/compositing with Smart Vectors would be a good feature to have.

is there any plan of integrating that in future updates?

Anything is possible. :slight_smile:

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That is now almost essential element to have and would be greatly appreciated to have this in Silhouette and not having to switch to another package or solution to do this. The plugin “Lockdown” for After Effect is great but that means going to Ae which I prefer not to do. There is no good solution for Blackmagic Fusion, which I use, so this would make a compelling and unique option of Fusion users if it was included in the OFX paint plugin.

Many thanks,


I have logged a feature request to add support for “Smart Vectors” in Silhouette, and your comments have been passed along to our engineering and product teams. The feature request will allow us to keep a record of users that may also request this and, depending on the feedback we receive, “Smart Vectors” support in Silhouette may be reconsidered.

Thanks so much for considering this feature request!

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Grid warp tracker in Nuke is a super competition for Silhouette paint even though the efficiency of software differs! Silhouette is way far better! but a smart vector kinda tool will make Silhouette super-efficient