Feature Request - Link shapes to tracking info of other layers

I’m finding that when it comes to roto’ing hair, even if the hair is bunched together in certain areas, I actually need to have some hair shapes placed in a different layer, possibly with no other hair strands, but the tracking data works well for those specific hair strands.

I think it would be a great option to be able to keep the hair all grouped in the same layer, but then point the individual shapes to other layers when needed, similar to Mocha Pro.

Thanks for the consideration!!

I was going to write a similar request at some point. A reason I find being able to link shapes and layers would be useful is when you want to use one subtraction shape inside multiple layers. Adjusting the “master” shape would in turn automatically move any “linked” shapes in exactly the same way.

Silhouette works inherently different than Mocha where every shape is like a layer. In Silhouette we use layers to group shapes. I would suggest using a top level layer that contains the tracking data and then use nested layers for grouping the hair. This allows you to have separate hair groups that all share the same tracking data.

This would be possible and I will add as a feature request.

It would also be a welcomed addition to be able to link to another layer as the “Track” layer/shape so that you don’t have to turn off the shapes you’re only using for roto and not for tracking if/when you need to retrack.

As I suggested before, use a top level layer that contains the tracking data and then use nested layers for your shapes. Then, when you change the tracking of the parent layer, all nested layers will automatically use the changed tracking data.

Ah ok so, if I have the setup shown in the screenshot, the shapes in the “Roto” sublayer will NOT be used during tracking or retracking, without having to turn off the Roto sublayer, is that correct?
Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 3.48.04 PM

Correct, as long as the top layer is the active layer. So, select the top layer and the checkbox will appear to the right of it and then when you track, it will use the top layer shapes only–not the nested layers and shapes.

Thanks, and I second the idea for being able to link to other shapes/layers that need to be subtracted from cleanly tracking other layers/shapes.

I have roto on some jingling jewelry, but I’m also tracking a head and arm, and the jewelry needs to be subtracted to get a clean track of both the head and arm layers. Currently it requires me to move the jewelry layer to the top of the layer tree, set it to “subtract”, during the tracking of the head and arms, but then I need to remember to re-set my jewelry to “Add” since I need it in my roto.