Feature Request - Lock start point to ZERO for Hair Strands


I think it would be a big time-saver if there was a check box that would lock the start point to ZERO width for when you’re drawing in a bunch of individual hair strand splines. For clarity, I’m referring to the start point as the point where the hair stand actually ends, because 99% of the time I start drawing a hair spline from the end of the hair strand and work my way towards the head.

Currently if I have just drawn in 10+ hair strands that come to a fine/zero point, after adding in the individual width for each strand (or clicking all the stands and adding in a width value between 1 or 2) , I then HAVE TO click the end point of each strand to feather it to ZERO, which takes time. Sometimes if all the stand endpoints are reasonably easy to lasso (which is happens once in a while) I can lasso them, but this is usually not convenient or even an option to do.

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

An action that automatically selects all open shape start or end points could accomplish this. Will see about adding this for the next version.

Awesome thanks for looking into it!!