Feature request - magic mask

Any updates on when we can expect a new version?
The current automatic masking features, for example the magic mask in Resolve 18, would have a perfect home in Silhuette, along with a feature to convert the mask into a shape. Currently Silhuette is falling way short in the keying department.

@georgedei We don’t provide release dates ahead of time, but Silhouette 2022 will be coming soon. Yes, the Magic Mask feature in Resolve is pretty cool, but in my testing, the edges are not good enough for compositing. When doing color correction, you can get away with edges that are not quite exact. There are algorithms that convert masks to shapes, but they typically have keyframes on every frame and a lot of shape points, making them functionally uneditable. We are investigating automatic masking methods, but at the current time they fall short for composite quality mattes.


If features like runwayml, copycat, and rotobrush do come to Silhouette and that’s like an awesome day in future
Definitely helpful to cleanup artists as sometimes a rough mask is more than enough to get the work done quite easily

Just recently I used Nuke Indie Copycat to test out how well it will generate matte of the talent walking closer to the camera with 6 roto reference frames total of 200 frames long clip.

After 30min or so with RTX3090 it generated almost perfect matte! I was really surprised to get that good result. Of course result can very depending of the footage you are working with, but it was pleasant surprise.

Can you send the original sequence and the resulting matte sequence created with Copycat?

FWIW, there is EBSynth, a simple to use experimental free app, that works in a similar fashion, but lacking in controls.

I you could share your email then I can share it with you.

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I’ve used CopyCat on multiple occasions with good success. It has solved problems that would have been otherwise very hard.

That said, CopyCat is very different that Magic Mask and other like tools. Copy Cat is not pre-trained, but you have to train it for the specific use case. It can take 4-8 hours to solve a problem with Copy Cat, but in turn save you a few days of work.

Agree with Magic Mask being good for color, but not composite. One easy way to use Magic Mask for other apps is to bring the clip in Resolve, use Magic Mask, pipe your mask channel into your RGB channel and render out as a matte. Then you can use that matte in Nuke and everywhere else quite easily.

Not a big fan of Resolve. But if we can use it as a masking utility, I have no issue with that :slight_smile: