Feature Request - Magnetic Reshape on Open Spline Feather handles


This is mainly for hair strands that are chunkier at the scalp and taper off to a point. It would be great to have a Magnetic Reshape function for open splines where you could highlight a line of points and then drag the open spline wider at the point you want to be the widest area of the spline, and then the subsequent points will also widen but it would be less drastic the further away a point is from the point that you dragged wider, similar to how Magnetic Reshape will move the closest point to the drag point more than the furthest point, but all in a proportional way. Currently I kinda just go point by point on the hair strand to make a tapering open spline. Thanks for the consideration!!! :slight_smile:

Screenshot 1shows how I’ve highlighted all the points on the RED hair strand except for the last POINT 10.

Screenshot 2 shows a mockup of the desired result if there was Magnetic Widening function, after dragging/widening at POINT 1, where all the other points would automatically widen to a lesser and proportionate amount.

That’s an interesting idea. As with all ideas, we can add it to our list but we can’t guarantee it will make it into a build. I will let @marco know.

Ok sounds good! Thank you for letting me know.