Feature Request - Mating points and making curves tangent for overlapping shapes


Coming from a 3D modeling background using SolidWorks, where you can add mating “Constraints” from one 2D sketch to another 2D sketch, or even between multiple 3D Parts in an Assembly so that the Parts move “together” in specific ways, it would be a GREAT TIME SAVER to have a Mate/Constraint feature for cleanly joining one shape to another shape.

Using SolidWorks terminology (and from other 3D apps), it would be sweeeeet to have a “Coincident” constraint for joining a point on one sketch to the point of another sketch, and a “Tangent” constraint to make the curve of one shape stay tangent with the curve of the adjacent sketch.

In my sample attached, I broke up the bottom lip, chin, and under chin, from a single shape, because the movement was to complex as one shape, so the separate shapes work well in tracking, but it IS VERY manually time consuming, ensuring that three shapes remain perfectly tangent and overlapping throughout the roto.

I believe having a CONSTRAINTS feature, would speed up this manual process TREMENDOUSLY when it’s CRUCIAL for the the multiple shapes to maintain tangency and overlap.

Thanks for the consideration!! :slight_smile:

We can let @marco know about this.

Awesome, much appreciated!!

@persyst This is certainly an interesting idea. However, I think we would have to change Silhouette so that shape points have their own keyframes. Right now, keyframes are stored at the shape level. We have considered making this change in the past, but it comes at a performance cost.

Thanks for looking into it @marco!! If there’s any feasible way to implement this, or something equivalent, to bind shape curves and points seamlessly together, this could be a time-saving game-changer, especially for complex shape movement. Coming from a 3D animation standpoint, trying to animate anything in 3D (or 2D) without any type of joining/mating would feel almost as slow as doing a frame by frame pencil animation. Thanks again for anything that could be done on this :slight_smile: