Feature Request - Mirror/Disco Ball Gobo!

Hi! I am requesting a Mirror Ball (Disco Ball) Gobo in Optics. A few different shapes of the little reflections (round, square, diamond…) and the ability to displace them in whatever environment we have created in our image… Seems like a perfect choice for an Optics Gobo!!

Thank you so much!

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Hi, this is interesting but I’m not fully sure what you want, so until someone answers you can you explain a bit more pls?

Any PNG image can be added as a Gobo (where i put an arrow), I had a look online at mirror ball pics but they all are inconsistent & have reflections of the room or photographer, so here I created a chequered ball,
I’ve added a bit of Displacement & then other effects like rays for eg. can be added…

This is the chequered ball if you want it. there’s 2 in this folder, ones got bigger squares than the other, mirror balls - Google Drive

Hi! I was thinking more of the light as reflected by a mirror ball, so the little light-squares get sent out onto the walls and ceiling, and anything else in the room, and are distorted and displaced as they get further from the ball (like leaves, window shades, all those projected shapes that get displaced around the image, except those are more often shadows and this would be lights…)

But this quequered ball is really cool! They could be used together…Thank y ou for sharing it!!


A bit like these ?

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YES INDEED!!! Wouldn’t that be an awesome category?!

I had a go at creating a Gobo with Particle Illusion, there’s so many ways a Gobo can be created, the prob is that any fx like lens distortion applied to the PI image before it’s saved as a png is fixed in, there’s tweaking that fx at a later date, Light only has the size, shear controls & the displacement, an added Lens control to Light would be good/needed :+1:
The Boris team might have a solution, I tend to play around with GIMP (similar to photoshop) & video editors, both of these have layers/tracks that are composited on each other, they’re adjustable at any time & any single image/event can have multiple effects applied which then affect the other fxs on that image/event , Optics is a bit of a one way process, layers with one fx applied on top of layers.

anyway here’s a pic, I’ll share the 5min vid i made later when it’s uploaded to YT :+1:

(PS. if I’m preaching to the choir here my apologies :+1:)

Later —

I guess multiple Particle illusion png’s all shapes & sizes of particle shape can be created & added as Gobo on numerous layers,

4k on Youtube

WHOAH!!! This is fantastic! Is this Optics or another software? I had no idea one could add a custom image and make it a particle, so to speak - I would love to know how to do that!! Was there an audio track for the video? It did not play for me – I’l try to zoom in and see what you’re doing up close - this is so exciting, thank you so much for doing this!!

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Hi, you’re welcome,:+1:
Yes this is Optics,
If you’re talking about Particle illusion then yes you can add pretty much any image to the particle Shape , I haven’t tried all formats but .jpg & .png work, I prefer .png because it has an alpha channel, so you can have just a cut out of an image with a transparent surround as the particle shape .
If you’re talking about the Gobo, yep most images work, I haven’t tried all formats, png & jpg work, add any picture using the Browse button, even coloured jpg’s have some effect, ones with the most contrast show the details better that’s why black & white works so well,

I can’t explain exactly how a Gobo works but masks are black & white, when a mask is put on an image white shows the image & black is transparent showing whatever is underneath, but with coloured images acting as masks the colour sort of gets converted to a series of greys, a bit like this pic where I’ve removed the colour from the one on the left, some colours/greys show the image or the transparency more than others,

This is that image as a Gobo on an image, the coloured one on the right looks almost the same as the grey on the left. the darker colours show through the true blue sky, & the white surround shows a light ‘Gobo glow’ or whatever you want to call it :man_shrugging::joy:

Sorry no commentary. I don’t talk over these types of vids, , I’m just a user like you, like you say go through it slowly & I can’t really explain Particle illusion controls, :exploding_head::rofl::man_shrugging::grin:

I might not be right on some of the facts, :grin::man_facepalming::rofl: but I’m sure Boris will correct me :+1:

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THIS IS SO GREAT!!! You are a natural teacher – Thank you SOSOSOSOSOOSO much! Can’t wait to get all sorts of things whirling around my images!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::smile:

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Oh no, say it ain’t so! The video has been removed? Would you mind putting it back up?

Sorry, that video doesn’t exist anymore,
I only have 1 YT channel where i share my work videos,
I put the occasional video on there because I can share 4k res but if it isn’t a monetized vid then it gets removed after a short period,