Feature Request: modifier key to move shape from anywhere on screen

I use Mocha for 100% of my roto, but one of the features from Fusion’s roto toolset that I miss is that it’s got this great feature where you can hold Alt as a toggle, and when you click down you can move your shape or your point or selection of points from wherever they are on screen.

What I mean is, you don’t have to move your mouse and actually click on the points or the shape to move it. you just hold Alt and click down wherever and drag and the shape will move accordingly. I find that it makes things that much little bit faster because your cursor can be flying around doing it’s thing and you don’t really need to worry about your aim, it’s more about the gesture you’re making than where exactly you’re click down.

Give it a try in Fusion and see how cool it is. Christmas is right around the corner, this is on my list Santa!

We can add it to feature requests, but you can ALSO use hotkeys and customize them in your Mocha preferences and you might want to check that out. You can alt click and drag points with the transform tool as well. It may be the functionality is there already.