Feature Request: Navigation Hotkey


Just bought and started using Mocha … crashes quite often, but the RC1 seems to be better so far.

Was going to complain about the lack of hotkeys (specifically for Pan and Zoom) then started finding them myself. Would REALLY love to see editable hotkeys for everything though, not just the three main modules. plus more consistent documentation in the program of what the hotkeys are (floating help, or menus, or both, but not either or none depending on the tool).

Also is there any way to make it so that viewport Pan and Zooms are not part of the Undo tree? I make a mistake, then pan and or zoom a few times, then go to undo the mistake and my viewport is flying all over the place. I can sort of understand that in Maya where you may be trying to undo camera moves, but in this program it seems to be just an irritant that doesn’t serve a practical purpose.

Otherwise love the interface. Will be driven less nuts as I progress, no doubt.


I couldn’t agree more