Feature Request - Negative Color option for shape outlines

It would be a great visual time saver if there was some setting where the Control Point color could just be a negative color of whatever color is behind the Control Point, so that the Control Points will always stay visible regardless if the the clip image is dark or light. Actually if a ‘negative color’ setting could be made for the roto shape outlines also, that would be great for the same reason! Thanks for considering!

My Scenario
I’ve been working on this extremely tedious hair roto, where the hair movement is so much that the control points easily get lost in the light background and dark background areas from one frame to the next. I’m currently using an orange-ish Control Point color which at least (but just barely) allows me to somewhat see/find the Control Points at all times, but I still need to do a lot of zooming in to find them. I find the zoom in/out a quicker option than having to continuously flip flop between a black and white color on the Control Points.

We’ll see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great thank you!!