Feature Request - "Obey Layer Color"

It would be very helpful to have an on/off button at the bottom of the layer tree called “OBEY LAYER COLOR”, so that when you regroup shapes into more manageable clusters all the shapes would automatically have the color of the parent Layer, rather than having to change all of the shape colors individually (or by highlighting multiple shapes) to YELLOW to match the YELLOW color of your Parent Layer.

If you are working on a particular layer you could ‘click’ “OBEY LAYER COLOR” OFF, so that all the shapes retain their shape color, but then ‘click’ “OBEY LAYER COLOR” ON, so that you can now return to to working on the broader adjustments, where that whole layer is now one color again.

Changing multiple shape colors manually to one color is not ideal, because it’s easier to see the cluster of shapes as different colors when working on a small area of various shapes. But when you’re done, it’s easier to now see them all as a single color, when you move on to another cluster of shapes.

Thanks for the consideration!! :slight_smile: