Feature Request - Option in Preferences to disable "Press & Hold" behaviour for zoom tool

Happy Pandemication,

Hope everyones OK - trying to muddle through the complete clusterf$@k that remote desktop with no IT support is at my current gig.

The problem’s this - Teamviewer & probably lots of others doesn’t really track buttons that are held down so consequently the default behaviour for the Zoom tool is useless. Roundtripping to the toolbar and back constantly makes the already painful much more so.

If I could disable the press and hold behaviour at least I could work with pure shortcuts and work that way.

How about it for the upcoming Covid19 release.



Do you have a Wacom? You could add Mocha Pro to the Applications in the Wacom Tablet setup and do an application specific mapping of X to one express key and Z to another. You still need to hold them but I wonder if TeamViewer would understand that better - maybe the Wacom keeps sending out the signal while the keyboard doesn’t.


I’m thinking probably not since Teamviewer doesn’t even seem to support pressure sensitivity but I’ll try it …

We are all hanging in there, we hope you are too!

You can remap keys in the Mocha preferences too, that might help. Can you try that and see if it helps you?

In the meantime I will let @martinb know your request.