Feature Request - Panasonic V-Log to be added to Colorspaces

Would it be possible for Panasonic V-Log to be added to the dropdown list of OCIO Colorspaces?
Thanks for your consideration!

@persyst Silhouette ships with a stock OCIO config. Vlog is included in the Aces OCIO config. You can download and use an Aces OCIO config file here: ACES OCIO COnfig

To load a custom OCIO config:

  1. In the Silhouette > Color Management Preferences, click the load icon to the right of the OCIO Configuration field and load the ACES config.ocio file you downloaded.
  2. In the OCIO Color Space node, click the load icon to the right of the Config field and load the ACES config.ocio file you downloaded.
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Ah great thanks for this!!!

Hi Marco,

I’m a little lost, where/how do I actually download a .ocio file from here? Everything seems to just take me to another folder. Thanks for any help on this!

In the link provided, download the file called config.ocio

If I to click on on the file it just takes me into the folder. If I right click on it. It only saves the file as a .html?

Not sure what to do.

Download from here and unzip: ACES

Hi Marco,

Thanks for that. How did you get it to download as a zip?

I went a head an linked both the Preferences OCIO and OCIO Colorspace node to the file and set my inputs/outputs and views as such, but I’m not seeing anything change. I closed and then reopened, Silhouette, but now it just keeps crashing. Can you please let me know what to do? Thank you!!!

I just zipped up the Aces config I had on my machine. Otherwise, you have to download the whole set.

When I use the settings you are using, the image changes immediately. Checked on Windows and Mac.

Hmmm, well as mentioned it’s crashing after I closed it. Silhouette gets stuck here at the screenshot, then it just crashes again when I hit reopen.


It looks like it doesn’t like the ACES profile I uploaded.

Go to /Username/Library/Preferences and delete com.borisfx.Silhouette.plist. This will delete your preferences and you should be able to start Silhouette again.

Then go to ACES and click the Code button and then Download Zip.

You can then try again with one of the OCIO configs. The most recent version is aces_1.2.

Hi Marco,

It’s still crashing. Does this error screenshot help with anything?

You would have to send the crash report as text.

Can you get rid of the crash if you reset the preferences and then start Silhouette?

Gotcha. Yes, deleting the plist allows me to reopen Silhouette, but the problem occurs when I added the ACES OCIO 1.2 as with the other version, no color change and then it crashes on reopen.

OK. I’m not sure why there is a conflict on your machine. I am using an ACES config file on my Mac without issue. I am not sure if anything can be done, but if you send the contents of the crash report we may be able to see what the issue is.

Hi Marco,

Heres’s the error text file. Thanks for looking into it!
colorspace error.zip (24.8 KB)

We can’t tell anything from the crash report.

Can you try running Silhouette from a Terminal with additional logging by typing:
/Applications/BorisFX/Silhouette 2021.5/Silhouette.app/Contents/MacOS/Silhouette -log

Then after Silhouette crashes, you can find the log in ~/Library/Logs/BorisFX/Silhouette 2021.5

Send the generated log so we can take a look.

Hi Marco,
Here you go. Thanks again for looking into this!

Just a text correction in case anyone reads this and tries to run it, there’s apparently a " \ " needed for the space between “Silhouette 2021.5”:

Terminal text:
/Applications/BorisFX/Silhouette\ 2021.5/Silhouette.app/Contents/MacOS/Silhouette -log

My log folder shows as:
~/Library/Logs/BorisFX/Silhouette 2021

log files.zip (2.8 KB)

We think the spaces in your config path are throwing it off. Could you place the Aces config in a path without spaces and then set the new spaceless path for the OCIO config in Silhouette?

Here’s the new path I used, but still no visual change.

The only thing that actually changes the color is using a LUT, VLog_to_V709_forV35_ver100.cube or
or the stock OCIO and the visual change is immediate as you have mentioned.