Feature Request - "Pen" Mode similar to magnet mode


I think it would be a nice time saver to have a “Pen” mode that would allow you to draw a shape/line simply by tracing whatever object you are trying to roto, and then have Silhouette automatically generate the shape points after you stop tracing, but then have a dialogue box pop up that allows you to increase or decrease the number of auto-generated points before committing the shape/line.

I would definitely find this a time saver, especially when it’s a complex shape/hair strand I’m trying to trace, and it requires a human eye to detect where the shape being traced is, and can’t really tell how many points I’ll need until the very end. Once I get to the end, I usually go back and add/delete points as I see fit, but this is always a secondary step, so maybe Silhouette could speed this manual process up. Maybe this could just be a tweak based on the Magnet mode? Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

In the Magnetic/Freehand tool, click and drag to create a freehand shape. A freehand shape is exactly like a magnetic shape, minus the magnetic properties. When you are done drawing, click the first control point that you added to close the shape.

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Ah got it, yes this is what I needed, thank you!!