Feature request, possible bug


possible bug:
when I create a layer with the add to x-spline chosen, the surface is only on one of the points. I know I should normally be creating a fresh layer with create x-spline but thought this behaviour should not happen. here’s a recording:

feature request:
I could really use guide layers in mocha. the scenario is when I am in quick stabilise mode and want to make sure there is no drift. so creating guide layers would help me know for sure. would like to know if you also have a workaround for this.

Thank you

Thanks @Roei_Tzoref that’s a known bug. It happens because the state of the tool is adding to an “empty” layer rather than new, but you’re right, it shouldn’t happen.

Perhaps we should add some form of stabilize grid overlay to the Stabilize page. We’ll have a think. Good idea!

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