Feature Request: Render Output in webm format

So, just putting it out there, for rendering. This is not a problem, a request, hope its a good place to post it.

PI is awesome, always been. I love this, thank you to the devs for resurrecting Genarts’s PI, and esp for making it freely available! omg
I did some work for a graphics company that was using Genarts PI with Lightwave to do commercials. The graphics tech would let me play with PI after hours. omg I wanted it so bad, but couldn’t justify the cost to house and home.
Those were the good times lol. anyway, thank you thank you thank you, the UI is so much improved!
And… these are not those times, ok times, not terrible, but, I get to play with PI now!
Sparklies for the old kids yay

I am rural, have poor bandwidth, & data limits, but I use an online browser based app that accepts mp4’s, mov’s as well as webm and webp media. I love the latter because webm file sizes are way smaller and quality is still great. The app is actually optimized for the latter.

It is very desirable, for me at least, that PI could output webm natively because I have to convert the mov files to webm.
And with the converter I use anyway, something gets lost in translation.
The freeware converter I use, WebMConverter, does a fine job, that is, it’s output looks good in any App, but looks all blobby in VLC Media player or Win Med player… idk what’s going on there, like the webm alpha gradients are not rendering properly in the players but ok in the Apps.

My convert Webm’s render ok in Hitfilm Express too so that is curious.
I’m more artist than tech head. Probably a codec missing or something.
Anyway, there it is. Webm output would be nice

PS> Oh, and the videos done by John Dickinson and Ben Brownlee are great.

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