[Feature Request] - Resize Color Gradient Editor(s)

Being able to resize the gradient editor, specifically horizontally, increases the accuracy of color node placement.
That’s all. Thanks. Be well. (or else)

EDIT: Perhaps also being able to set transparency per color node? That’s always a fun option that can achieve some darn cool effects.

Good idea on the resize.

There’s a separate Alpha (transparency) gradient, so we won’t add transparency to the color nodes. It might be a lot more useful if both gradients were in the same editor though.

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I also want to add to this idea and also suggest having more gradient options like linear, radial etc, just to give more creative options :slight_smile:

The gradient defines the color of the particle over its life, so I’m not sure what “radial” would mean? (The gradient is not applied to the particle spatially, just temporally).