Feature Request - Save As option in LR plugin version


I would like to request

A Save As option in the File menu of the LR plugin version.

In more detail

In the standalone version of Optics it is possible to ‘Save As’. This allows saving multiple variations of an image, and going back to add additional tools and filters from intermediate stages. This is not available in the LR plugin. Using a plugin is more convenient, which is why they exist :grinning:. There is no need to search for the original file, it automatically places the new tif file in the original folder, and adds it to the LR catalog. Currently, I use the standalone for these jobs, ‘Save As’ the intermediates into the original folder, and then import them into LR.

In an ideal world, a Save As in the plugin would both save to the original folder, and add to the catalog, but the latter might be a LR function rather than something that can be controlled from within the plugin.

Many thanks,
Ron R

When launching Optics, use “Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments”. This will provide you with the same functionality in a different way. You would just need to launch Optics for each intermediate version.

Hi Macro,

Thank you for the suggestion. I used something close to that approach until I tried the one described in my first post. There are two reasons I switched:

  1. “Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments” flattens the file. The Optics layers are no longer available for editing. Sometimes an intermediate step works well for one final result, but needs to be tweaked for another. Layers can be preserved by using “Edit a Copy”, or “Edit Original”.

  2. On my somewhat elderly desktop, opening Optics takes time. It is significantly faster to open the standalone, do all my variants, then return to LR and do an import. (Yes, I know I need to build a new computer, but getting decent video cards is still difficult in Canada).

Many thanks,
Ron R

Not exactly what you are asking for, but to mention if I am working on a big Optics project, I try to get in the habit of saving the Optics “set up” file in various states.

(FIle>Save Setup)

This allows you to name and date your Optics project versions and both the plugin OR standalone can open them back in.

Excellent advice! I need to familiarize myself with that feature.

Many thanks,
Ron R

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