[Feature request] Select closest point by holding down alt

I work mainly in Fusion but I use Mocha for both tracking and roto as I find it way easier to roto with the combination of masking and roto in one.
One thing that Fusion does really well that I miss in Mocha is the possibility to select mask-points without pressing the point itself. You do this by clicking close to a point while holding down ALT. Doing this the closest point will be selected and you can start dragging the point around. This makes editing the mask super fast as I don’t need to pinpoint exactly the point to select it.
It’s also great to select a point that’s very close to another point. Just place your mouse on the side where your point is closest to the mouse, hold down alt and start dragging.

It feels super intuitive to work like that and I would love to have that feature in Mocha.

I did a quick video showing how it works: Fusion mask motion - YouTube

That’s a helpful feature! I’ll put it on the list. :slight_smile: