Feature Request - Selection Sets for Points

It would be great if there was a way to save Selection Sets for groups of points, to allow for easier re-selection and manipulation.

For example, say I’m rotoing a hand, and want to group all the points of a finger, so I can move them together, move on to other parts, and then quickly and easily reselect those exact same points later down the line.

Of course this is just an example to illustrate my point, and in this particular case you would probably roto with multiple splines. I understand that approach, BUT I’ve also come across many situations where I would like to keep a certain object as a single spline, but still have a quick and accurate way to select the same relative points within a spline for manipulation.


Thanks guys!

Hi there,

Thank you for the feature suggestion, we will pass this on t the dev team but can’t guarantee it will be implemented, or give you a timeline for implementation. It is a good suggestion, we will see if we can fit it into our development.