Feature Request. Silhouette Spline Creation By Stroke In Mocha!

It feels almost like the RotoBrush in Premiere! I want this in Mocha. Any plans to add this? If not I request this! :smiley: I don’t know it happens in Silhouette (I’d love to know) since I waiting for a video support in the next release of Silhouette (Don’t work with images) to see but I’d love to correct a created roto spline on other frames by stroking the same way. Basically like Rotobrush! Silhouette Stroke’s issue I see already is green and red lines stay on frame and you cant fix anything in your spline by drawing a green stroke over a red one and vice versa. It should be fixed. Plus you can’t add anything to the shape by stroking over another object in a scene. Should be fixed too. Stroking that will even fix the issue of wasting time of pressing S or Alt S to magnet the points, rearranging and smoothing them here and there to fit the shape. Stroking is a way faster workflow in general. You guys should embrace it. You already have it working in Silhoutte it just needs some improvements and introduction to Mocha.

Have you tried the magnetic or freehand splines in Mocha, or the area brush? That might be what you are looking for even if a slightly different workflow.

But that is a good feature request, I will let @martinb know.

Mary. I was comparing Stroking in Silhouette with the Magnetic spline that Both Mocha and Silhouette have. I barely use the free hand let alone area brush.
Course! But the area brush doesn’t have magnetic properties so it’s even worse than a magnetic spline. It might has its place but I never saw a need for it.

I think Silhouette stroking can do even better than RotoBrush painting. Strokes are thin and requires no need for size adjustment and let you mark an area and subtract it more precisely!

@martinb @maryp I can offer doing UX in this regard and in other areas for free.

OK, thank you for clarification!