Feature Request - skip bad frames to pick up tracking after

I confess I have an older version of Mocha Pro, so forgive me if this is already a feature, but recently I have been doing a show that had a lot of flashing lights which would kill the tracks for 1 to 4 frames before becoming stable again. What would have been handy would have been a feature where you track to the last frame that is trackable (before flash in this case), then move the timeline indicator to the next trackable frame (after the flash) and use a “resume track from here”, …this would then track as if that previous tracked frame and the current frame were sequentially next to each other (i.e. treat frames 30 and 35 for example as if they are frames 30 and 31), …and interpolate the movement keyframe data in a linear form between the two frames (as usually these events such as flashes, etc, you’re not going to get massive camera wobbles, and if so you can always deal with those little drifts manually, but main thing is getting the continuous good track to start with. What do you guys think?

Hi there,

Happily, this already exists! You want Manual Track for this. Alternately, tracking translation only for those few frames can help. Try this video to see how to do manual tracking: Boris FX | Quick Tip: Manual Track