Feature Request - Smart fill for Alpha

I would like to make a feature request for Silhouette to have a smart fill similar to Photoshop’s content aware fill or Affinity Photos Inpaint.
I currently use a batch process though either PSD or Affinity(much faster) with prepossessed images from my compositor that are stabilised and scaled appropriately with an alpha ready to fill, (the preprocessing make a big difference to the results). This is by no means a panacea or the correct approach for all shots but for those that are the results are faster and better that standard cloning and need little or no further refinement. But other cases it just is not appropriate. Since Silhouette uses a raster paint approach it feels like this type of feature would fit nicely, and mitigate the need to leave Silhouette to use another paint app and streamline processes such as these.

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Noted. Thanks for the input.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider marco, appreciated.