Feature Request: Snapped Spline Redraw

Probably with a better name, but here’s what I’m thinking.

I draw a freehand bezier spline. It’s great. It tracks great for a while, but I need to redraw it at some point. (ie like when you’re tracking the mountains in your megaplate tutorial and the shape drastically changes from beginning of clip to the end)

At the moment I’d usually just grab the points and manually move them. That can get tedious and messy as I try to cut corners by grabbing and moving chunks of points.

What if I could just, say, select the spline… select the freehand tool… hold ctrl and redraw the spline. Then when I release the buttons, instead of having drawn a new shape, it attempts to snap the currently selected spline to the new shape I drew all the while keeping existing points?

Yes this is a good request that has been discussed internally already. Thanks for the input!

Awesome glad to hear!