Feature Request - "Stroke Width Visibility" On/Off button

It would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to toggle the Stroke Width Visibility on/off while doing the roto adjustments. Similar to the Layer/Shape Visibility, that simply hides your shapes from the composite visibility, but does not alter any varying widths set.

I’m finding that when a hair stand has a Stroke Width set to something greater than zero, it can be very difficult to tell if a hair strand roto is correctly following the intended hair strand, especially when the hair color gets a bit lost in the background. 99% of the time I cannot just do a MultiFrame Stroke Width = 0, because many, if not all the hairs, needed me to set a varying stroke width (~0 at the hair tip, and widening closer to the head), and there is no way to get the exact varying widths back.

Thank you very, very much for considering this one!! :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the 0 (zero) key to hide the spline overlay. If you then press the A to overlay the alpha as a color and set the opacity, this should do what you want.

Hi Marco, I use the ‘0’ and alpha a lot, but what I’m really needing is to be able to see the spline line motion going through the frames as if the spline “stroke width” is set to 0, to make sure the spline is correctly centered the throughout the frames.

OK, I understand.

Definitely would appreciate this feature if possible :slight_smile: thanks!