Feature request - UI scaling

I was suggested by the webinar staff to log it in here.

When working in Mocha, especially on smaller screens (1080p) I often find myself closing and opening panels to gain more work space. The UI elements are huge and I think UI scaling would be a great help to give more visual working space.

I am a fairly new user and hope my opinions are not insulting to the userbase or the developers. There is no real “problem” with UI in Mocha, but I think that the panel behavior could be more customizable, arrangable, responsive. Maybe UI scaling could be a first step?

Thank you for the great tools.

You can do this in the standalone but unfortunately due to limitations of the plugin UI we have to work with, it isn’t currently possible. We do have it on our wish list!

We are never insulted unless someone is being intentionally insulting, we love hearing user requests because they help us improve our software. I will tag @martinb our Product Manager so he knows to confirm this is on our wish list.

Thank you!

Hey there,

Currently, the Mocha interface can only support screens as small as 1200x800, but even that will be difficult with the plugin environment as we can’t undock the panels!

Reducing UI scale, such as buttons and interface elements, is a harder task: We have UI upscale for very large resolutions, but not downscale.