Feature suggestion-No Project Open

Dragging and dropping source media folder into the Silhouette Sources ‘pane’ was failing at times–showing a folder icon as I hovered over it with a ‘cannot’ type symbol. As this only happened some of the time, I’ve been trying to determine what was happening to cause the media drop to fail. There is no error message to the console, and no messages anywhere else that I could find to indicate the “why” as to the drop not being possible.

After trying several test projects, the reason became clear…a valid project was not loading.

So I tried some projects in my ‘recent projects’ lists, and some would load (allowing a media drop) and some would not (because they would fail to load for an unknown reason). The only indication of the failed project load was that there was no addition of the project title to the Sihouette title bar. It turns out that some of the Projects had been deleted from disk, therefore they could not be loaded. However, no error was ever presented stating that an existing project (in a recents listing) had failed.

This is all a bit vague, especially to a new user. I’d like to suggest the following:

  1. It should not be possible for the user to attempt to “load a recent project” that doesn’t exist. If the file is not present, the UI should present a dialog stating “Unable to find recent project C:\blah\blah” and the recent project should then be deleted from all “Recent Project” listings. Perhaps the Recent Projects listing could do a scan before displaying, or at startup and delete any non-existent listing to prevent this. Knowing that this may take time at startup depending on mounted remote filesystems with projects, an option to do this “auto-scan” should be present in the Silhouette Preferences for those that prefer it. Then a dialog should be presented during the 'auto scan and cleanup" of recent projects to show the user what is being done as it happens.

  2. Attempts to drag media, or any other things that cannot be allowed without a valid Project loaded already, could present a bit more information to the user at failure, i.e. an icon with “No Current Project”, a popup Dialog with the same message, or a console output of such an error message with a preferences options for “Show Console on Errors”.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for your suggestions Sam. We’ll take care of these issues.