FEC Light Tornado

FEC Light Tornado is a old effect from Final Effects Version 6.0.0
Which effect of Continuum light is similar to the FEC Light Tornado?


The closest effect to that in Continuum would be BCC Spiral Blur - they’re almost identical actually.


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The spiral blurring is quite similar, but BCC Spiral Blur doesn’t have the options for isolating/emitting rays from alpha edges and tweaking the light intensity, etc. I don’t think there is a direct counterpart to that part of FEC Light Tornado in Continuum. Continuum and Sapphire have many effects for emitting radial light rays, but I’m not aware of a direct way to emit spiral light rays. You would likely need to build it as a multi-step composite if you’re looking to emit spiral rays from alpha edges. E.g. first isolating just the desired edges (say with BCC Rays Cartoon set to Cartoon From->Alpha and Ray length 0), then applying BCC Spiral Blur with Blur Type->Smear and bumped up Smear Falloff and Zoom Amount, then blending back over the original perhaps with apply modes or other effects to tweak lighting/color.

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Hello, why not merge FEC into BCC?

Hello, why not merge FEC into BCC for Adobe OFX AVID?

I have opened an old project in Adobe Ae. That used to use this effect. I have converted the project to Adobe CC and am now trying to build this effect. So far I have not achieved exactly the same as the old project. I know how the old project should look like because I have made lossles video samples of it.

I haven’t had this Final Effects version 6.0.0 in my repetoire for a long time.

I have to see if I still have the plugin somewhere. And how I can possibly merge it into Adobe.

I don’t believe the FEC installers work with modern Adobe AE versions on Windows. Casual testing shows they do work on Mac still, but it certainly wouldn’t be officially supported on these newer, untested host flavors.

We have merged some FEC filters into Continuum, and will consider merging more over time.