Few Questions

I click on “add magnetic shape the layer” to add a mask to the current layer. It’s all good and the matte looks right but when I feather they feather in the opposite directions. How to fix it? Edge Width is feathering right?

How to increase the number of points on a spline when masking? Not adding manually but doubling them for example or have more of them to begin with? Or I’m not properly using the magnetic spline to get all the bits into a mask. I dunno. Seems pretty straight forward

Is it possible to roto a motion of an animated object when it basically jumps from frame to frame by 100 or 200 pixels?

Please show me a picture of your add shape issue. You can just go to the view mattes only in the viewer and screenshot if it’s sensitive content.

We do not have a feature that lets you double points but I can tag @martinb for a user request and we can add it to our wish list.

Tracking something that jumps 100 frames is less practical than just manually tracking for those frames where it does. It would be really difficult to do. Better to just manually animate.

When you make a cut out in your matte cut outs always feather in the other, the wrong way. There’s no way to feather them inside as it should be. See the screen.

As for doubling the number of points. No need. I found the detail feature in the layer properties. It’s all good.

Detail should only work with the magnetic spline tool, it shouldn’t double up points on regular splines. As to the feathering inside, you are correct, we do only currently support outside edge feathering but again, we can make a feature request with @martinb to see if we can add it to our request list. We have wanted both inner and outer feathering for a while. What is your host? You should be able to at least adjust feathering in the host for now.

Oh I was talking about the magnetic spline.
Ok I request automatic feathering inside for cutouts! :smiley: Mary can I leave feature requests right here in the future in general?
Premiere or AE. I can’t do in there either. That’s the issue. Also feathering with (+ set -) controls makes it really confusing as to how it works especially taking into account that it doesn’t feather inside. Those controls are all kind of messy. I can’t even layout how they work cos it’s all kind of weird. I like that the edge can be expand and shrunk but it should be intuitive.
Here’s my UX. Clicking + expand the edge outside including cutouts.- shrinks it and “set” moves the edge to where the feathering is at the current moment and replaces it (feathering).

Also the dope sheet problem we talked about before. That doesn’t focus on the current frame when scrolling up and down or when open it is a huge issue and should be fixed by the next built ASAP. Really messes my workflow.

Yes, you can leave feature requests here and if you like, tag @martinb and myself, so we can make sure they get logged.